Here at Hug A goat, our mission is to educate people about goats. They are very unique animals.

We believe they are great therapy for all.

We want people to leave knowing they had fun and learned something as well.

We raise gentle, friendly goats. We started raising goats because they are great with people.

The idea of using animals in a therapeutic way goes back centuries. Historical accounts include using animals to improve the morale or engage the attention of the elderly and to help people with disabilities improve their skills.

Goat therapy can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also increase self-esteem and improve social skills.
Goat therapy can help both children and adults with a variety of physical and mental issues. It can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and increase positivity and socialization. Talk to your doctor about more information on pet therapy and whether it’s suitable for you.



Animal assisted therapy draws on the bond between animals and humans in order to help improve and maintain an individual's function and is being used to assist in the process of enhancing the individual's quality of life in nursing homes.Psychologists and therapists notice increasing unfavorable behaviors of elderly people that are transferred to nursing homes. Once the patients become settled into their new environment, they lose their sense of self-efficacy and independence. Simple, everyday tasks are taken away from them and the patients become lethargic, depressed, and anti-social if they do not have regular visitors.

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